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"The sampling results of this demonstration indicate that the dry-fog technology was capable of rapidly eliminating mold spores. Results also showed that the second step of the dry-fog technology’s (application of EVERpure) continued to reduce mold spore levels over time"

"This work concluded that the dry-fog technology provides rapid and quantifiable improvements to indoor air quality, and also that it drastically reduces exposure of Army building occupants and maintenance workers to harmful chemicals resulting from current mold remediation practices."

 "While total spore counts outdoors increased throughout the demonstration, indoor levels continued to decrease..."

Army Report mold-counts-before-and-after

Indoor mold count "decreased from 64,126 spores/m3 before treatment, to 3,067 spores/m3 at 6 months after treatment. Over this same time period, the outdoor/background total spore count increased from 590 spores/m3 before treatment, up to 19,000 spores/m3 at 6 months after treatment. Simply put, while the outdoor/background total spore count increased 3,120%, the indoor (i.e., treated space) total spore count decreased 95.21%."