Demolition-Free Mold Removal

If you’ve ever found mold, or been tasked with treating mold, you know just how difficult and dangerous it can be. Our revolutionary dry fog treatment is both highly effective, and also convenient. It allows you to avoid any destruction of property, while still thoroughly killing spore colonies throughout your property. The treatment also prevents mold from growing back! We provide a solution that is cheaper and faster than traditional mold remediation!

Getting Rid of Mold

Pure Maintenance's patented dry fog technology is your best choice for mold removal!

Once you have mold growing, it won't ever go away on its own. You can dry it out, to make an inhospitable place for future growth, but the existing mold still needs to be dealt with.


People try different methods to get rid of mold such as demolition, scrubbing with harsh chemicals, ozone treatments with varying results.  Pure Maintenance patented dry fog technology provides a cost effective, non-destructive revolutionary non-toxic alternative to traditional methods. 

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